About us

A super team of specialists.

Buying indoor and garden plants is primarily a matter of experience, of knowing where to buy what, of being able to assess when buying at the auction is cheaper than direct purchase from the grower, of making favourable arrangements with fixed growers and making quick decisions about the right batches matching with your formula. Superplant has long had this knowledge and experience. We have been buying at auctions and from growers for many years now. Besides we understand like no other firm that under the present circumstances an exporter essentially depends on its service. That is why we supply exclusive through wholesale channels. This approach has worked out successfully and is yielding more and more customers from many countries including France, Germany and Southern European countries.

Decorum is one of the high quality growers that we cooperate with as a supplier. For further information about Decorum click here.

If you wish to know more about Superplant, you can watch a nice and informative film here