Large and small batches. Bought from the grower or from the auction. Superplant finds just the plant that you are looking for.

A super supplier.
Are you looking for an exporter of indoor and garden plants? Allow us to introduce ourselves: Superplant. What we do is in our name: supplying super plants with a matching service. We supply exclusively through wholesale channels, not to companies competing with you on the home market. With Superplant you cannot only rely on a wide assortment but also on an excellent service, speed being part of our service.

As an exporter we understand that you would rather receive a batch today than tomorrow. And with a compact, customer-friendly organisation we are capable of handling your order with utmost care. From our establishment at the Aalsmeer Flower Auction we have an insight into the full range of growers from all over the Netherlands. And if you are looking for a special indoor or garden plant, we can be of assistance too.